Industrial floor cleaning machines in Ohio

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We market efficient, easy-to-use, and durable industrial sweepers and scrubbers in the cities of Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo.

We offer the best machines on the market for cleaning your company’s floors.

Our team is at your complete disposal to provide personalized advice based on your cleaning needs, helping you to find the right solution for the job in hand. We also offer tailored after-sales support, ensuring your floor cleaning machine continues to deliver optimum performance over the years.

With the right equipment, you will achieve better cleaning results, in less time, and with lower maintenance costs.

Our Services

Sales of Cleaning Equipment in Cleveland


We have the best floor sweepers and scrubbers in Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo, designed to clean all types of dirt and any size floor.

Scrubberd Dryers and Sweepers for rent in Cleveland


Whether it is short-term or long-term, we offer a large range of rental solutions as an alternative to purchasing.

Maintenance for Scrubber Dryers and Sweepers in Cleveland


Our specialized technicians only use original spare parts, ensuring that your machines deliver consistent cleaning efficiency over time.

Our Products

We offer a complete range of sweepers and scrubbers for all types of dirt. We have walk-behind and ride-on machines, which are available in customizable versions with specific features to best meet your needs.

All machines are characterized by durability, efficiency, and ease of use. We provide elegant solutions which enhance any work environment and leave floors spotlessly clean. Our machines are suitable for a wide range of applications including logistics centers, warehouses, and commercial offices, as well as demanding environments such as production plants and metal industries.

The largest sweepers in the range exceed a productivity of over 300,000 square feet. We also offer compact manual sweepers, and machines powered by battery, which are perfect for indoor use, or machines with gasoline, diesel, or LPG thermal engines which can provide longer operation time.

We offer an equally complete range of floor scrubbers for areas of all sizes; these machines are the perfect partner to achieve clean and dry floors which are immediately ready for foot traffic.

Thanks to innovative technologies, our machines deliver maximum performance while drastically reducing operational costs.

Completing the range, we offer a combi model which sweeps and scrubs, and a revolutionary machine for cleaning escalators and moving walkways.

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Floor Scrubbers

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