Cleaning Machine Rentals in Ohio

Sweeper and Scrubber Rentals

Sometimes the need for a particular machine is temporary, such as managing deep cleaning during a company reorganization, before closing for holidays, or for special events. On all these occasions, renting a scrubber and/or sweeper might be a more preferable option than purchasing. Renting offers the opportunity to have exactly the machine you need when you need it, avoiding the costs of a purchase. However, renting can also be an appealing formula for prolonged use. In fact, for a fixed monthly commitment, you will always have a machine available that is in perfect working condition, with the possibility to return it or switch models whenever your requirements change.

Scrubberd Dryers and Sweepers for rent in Cleveland

Rental of Industrial Sweepers and Scrubbers in Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo

We have a vast fleet of cleaning machines available for rent. Whether brand new or perfectly refurbished, they are available for daily rentals or for extended periods over time. Together, we'll find the cleaning machine that best fits your business context, optimally configure it based on specific challenges and needs, and provide it to you at a fixed rental rate. This rate includes scheduled maintenance, priority support, and the option to replace the machine at any time as new requirements arise.

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Short-term rental is the ideal solution if:

- you are planning a major event
- you are scheduling the annual deep cleaning
- you are changing the intended use of the company's spaces
- You need additional equipment to handle peak workloads

Long-term rental is the ideal solution if:

- You want to have a machine always available, but prefer not to bear the initial purchase cost
- You believe that over the months your cleaning requirements might lead you to prefer using different cleaning machines
- You feel relieved knowing you don't have to handle the machine's routine maintenance