Professional floor scrubbers in Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo

Our professional scrubbers are designed and manufactured with the best components, ensuring deep cleaning, durability over time, low environmental impact, and significant savings in cleaning management costs.
We offer solutions for every market sector, with specific functions for different operational contexts. The stainless steel chassis and components, for example, are essential for continuous work in highly corrosive environments, such as in the food industry. We also have machines with reduced sound output, especially suitable for noise sensitive environments.
Numerous patented technologies allow us to offer highly efficient industrial scrubbers: machines that clean quickly and thoroughly, with minimal water and detergent consumption and simplified management and maintenance operations. We have brought only quality cleaning machines to Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo.

Ride-on Floor Scrubber

A wide range of floor scrubbers

We have different models to meet every need. Walk-behind or ride-on, with tailored technologies and functions. The smallest and most compact machines are ideal for commercial cleaning, for areas dedicated to catering, shops, and offices. However, the range of walk-behind scrubbers also includes machines designed for heavy dirt, capable of making the dirtiest, greasiest, or encrusted floors look like new. In addition, the ride-on scrubber range adds comfort and speed, cleaning large surfaces thoroughly and quickly, while reducing operational costs.

What are the main characteristics to consider when choosing a floor scrubber?

There are many features that make a floor scrubber unique. Below are the main categories that these floor cleaning machines are grouped into:

Walk-behind Floor Scrubbers

A walk-behind scrubber is the ultimate choice if you’re looking for ease of transport and responsive handling in small and congested spaces. However, don’t be fooled by the size; there are walk-behind machines capable of cleaning more than 39,000 square feet per hour, even in settings characterized by the most stubborn dirt.

Ride-on Scrubbers

This type of machine makes medium and large-sized floor areas look like new, ensuring perfect cleaning performance and extremely low operating costs. Rider-on units offer maximum safety and comfort to the operator, with optional packages that can be configured to meet the needs of different sectors.

Battery-powered Floor Scrubbers
Battery-powered Floor Scrubber
The most well-known versions of floor scrubbers are battery-powered, offering freedom of movement, quiet operation, and the possibility of use in indoor spaces since they have zero emissions of harmful substances.
Cable Powered Floor Scrubbers
Wired Floor Scrubber

When a scrubber is going to be used in a small to medium sized area, in a single location, a cable version is a valid alternative. It means that the machine is always ready for use (it doesn’t have batteries, so it doesn’t need recharging), and it’s also lighter and more economical.

Scrubber for Small, Medium, and Large-sized Floors

walk behind floor scrubber

Choosing the ideal scrubber which meets your requirements mainly depends on the size of the floor area to be cleaned, and the type of dirt present.

Our most compact floor scrubbers that can quickly and effectively cover areas 2,200 square feet. As the square footage to be cleaned increases, so does the requirement for more performance. The machines we offer for large areas can easily clean up to 95,000 square feet per hour. Durable and easy-to-use models, with customized functions to manage different types of dirt and flooring.

Ride-on Floor Scrubber

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Perfect Cleaning results
Deep Cleaning and Immediately Walkable Floors

Floor scrubbers designed and patented to manage cleaning even in the toughest industrial contexts. These machines clean and dry floors on the first pass and can be used in complete safety even in commercial settings, in the presence of people on the move.

Floor cleaning machines with long durability
Durability and Safety

Made with the most durable materials, these machines are designed with the operator in mind, offering ease of use and complete safety. Routine maintenance is very simple with easy access to each component.

Perfect cleaning
Technologies and Patents for Efficiency and Savings

The technologies and patents of our scrubbers have been designed with the environment in mind, furthermore they enhance safety and cleaning performance, and can significantly reduce operating costs.