Floor cleaning machines in Ohio

Cleaning floors with efficient and easy to use sweepers and scrubber dryers

If you are looking for one or more floor cleaning machines for your business, we have the perfect solution for your needs. We specialize in the sale of equipment for industrial and commercial cleaning, designed to deliver high productivity and build to last. The range of machines we supply is extensive, and each model can be configured according to the context of use, to achieve even more impressive results. We know the importance of working with our customers to understand their requirements and help identify the right machine, our aim is to deliver a solution which ensures perfectly clean floors, while focusing on reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

Floor Scrubbers and Industrial Sweepers

Sweepers and scrubbers provide the most effective solution for cleaning floors in a range of application such as industrial and logistics establishments, business centers, commercial activities, and public spaces.

Different factors influence the choice of model: the square footage to be cleaned, the type of floor, the type and amount of dirt to manage, and the intended use of the rooms…

Contexts of Use

Every floor deserves proper cleaning. We offer professional floor cleaning equipment for every need, with a primary focus on industrial and commercial spaces. Some of the applications we work in are:

  • Manufacturing facilities: metal, food processing, pharmaceutical, wood processing industries.
  • Logistics: warehouse management, transit hubs, and large-scale logistics centers.
  • Parking: covered or uncovered; corporate or public use; multi-level car parks, even with steep access ramps.
  • Commercial spaces: Exhibition centers, shopping centers, showrooms, retail outlets.
  • Transport: Airports, ports, stations, and other high-traffic public areas.
  • Spaces dedicated to sport (gyms, stadiums, sports fields…) to culture (museums, libraries, schools…), or entertainment, and tourism.

Floors and Types of Dirt

Defining the type of dirt present on the floor is essential to choose the most suitable cleaning machine.

Firstly, it helps to understand if a sweeper or scrubber is more appropriate, but more detailed information helps to pinpoint the ideal model and to configure it with optional accessories to maximize performance.

In the world of sweepers, suitable for debris and dry dust, the weight and size of the particles are important, for example, to determine the most suitable brush bristles and the optimal type of filter.

Floor scrubbers on the other hand are necessary when dealing with ingrained dirt, food residues, grease stains, and, in general, for the deep sanitization of spaces. It’s also important to consider the type of dirt present, the flooring, and the application, to select the correct type of brushes, drying system, and optional features

Do you need to sweep or scrub?

We serve the cities of Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo.

If your business needs to professionally sweep or quickly wash large surface areas, leaving floors clean and ready for foot traffic, we are at your disposal for advice, sales, and assistance. Whether you need a single machine or an entire fleet.

We have a wide range of sweepers, from the most compact manual walk-behind machines to ride-on sweepers with a cleaning productivity of over 300,000 square feet per hour.

Equally high performing are our floor scrubbers: machines designed to perform and last in the most demanding contexts, guaranteeing high cleaning standards, with simple management and low operating costs.

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Best Cleaning Result
Industrial Sweepers

We have a wide range of sweepers available: manual, walk-behind, and ride-on. Durable and reliable machines for cleaning even in the most challenging contexts.

Perfect Cleaning results
Floor Scrubbers

Scrubbers for surfaces all of sizes, with a wide choice of walk-behind and ride-on machines. Easy-to-use machines, with configurable functions for various business requirements.

Combo sweep and scrubb
Sweeping and Washing Combo

A single machine for sweeping and washing? It's not always the best choice, but in the right contexts, it can reduce cleaning times and costs. Our machine sweeps and scrubs with a performance of 95,000 square feet per hour.

Escalator Cleaner

The only machine of its kind. With 2 cleaning phases, dry and wet, it makes escalators or moving walkways look like new in no time.