Industrial sweepers in Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo

Our range includes manual sweepers, walk-behind electric sweepers, and ride-on sweepers, with different versions available to suit every application. We offer electric sweepers which are zero emission and are therefore particularly suited to cleaning enclosed spaces, or machines with combustion engines which provide more power and can cover larger, outdoor areas. The sweepers we offer are suitable for applications in the public and private sectors where there are floors that need sweeping. However, they were created for the industry and, specifically for cleaning dust and debris created during production processes or when handling and storing of goods. Designing equipment for these demanding environments means our sweepers are especially durable, constructed with quality materials for extra strength and optimum performance even when up against the most challenging application.

A wide selection of professional sweepers

Our range spans from high-performance sweepers with a cleaning productivity of over 300,000 square feet to the most compact push sweepers, a machine that everyone should always have on hand for quick cleaning interventions in tight spaces.

What are the main features to consider when choosing an industrial sweeper?

There are many types of sweepers specifically designed to address dirt and dust management issues in various contexts.
Below are some features of the most common models.

Manual Sweeper
This machine is always ready for use, as it doesn’t require an engine or battery to operate. It’s ideal for the regular cleaning of small spaces, such as workstations in a production facility, walkways, truck trailers, small warehouses, garages…
Walk-behind Sweeper
walk-behind sweeper

A particularly agile and compact motorized sweeper, which offers maximum control to the operator, who drives it from the rear. This machine effectively sweeps dust and debris, ideal for areas up to 55,000 square feet.

Ride-on Sweeper
Ride-on sweeper

This type of sweeper provides more performance and greater comfort to the operator, and it suitable for medium or large floor areas. A ride-on unit allows the operator to work without fatigue, providing a productivity rate of up to 300,000 square feet.

Electric Sweeper

One of the key advantages of an electric sweeper is that it has zero emissions; it can therefore be used indoors while protecting the health of the operator and anyone else present in the area.

Clean small, medium, and large floor areas.

manual floor sweeper

Choosing the ideal sweeper which meets your requirements mainly depends on the size of the floor area to be cleaned, and the type of dirt present.

We offer manual, push sweepers for managing smaller, congested areas, such industrial workstations, walkways, and garages, and high productivity machines which can over areas of up to 300,000 square feet including warehouses, production plants, logistics centers, parks, campgrounds, pedestrian areas, and any other large-scale context.

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Best Cleaning Result
Maximum loading efficiency

The sweepers we offer are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure the best cleaning results in a single pass.

Perfect cleaning
Total dust control

High-quality, anti-clogging, and washable filters allow for maximum dust control during the work phase, ensuring greater attention to the health of the operators and those present.

Floor cleaning machines with long durability
Durability over time

Quality components, a steel chassis, and a balanced design make our sweepers an investment that quickly pays for itself. Our machines are built to last and continue to deliver maximum performance over the years.

Sweeper with easy basic maintenance
Ease of use and maintenance

Ergonomic and easily understandable controls make these machines usable even by novice operators. Furthermore, removable components can be replaced without the need for tools.