The Importance of Service for Industrial Cleaning Machines

maintenance and assistance of industrial cleaning machines

In industrial cleaning machines, maintenance and assistance are aspects that cannot be overlooked. These elements not only guarantee the optimal functioning of the equipment but also contribute to its longevity, operational efficiency, and ultimately, the company’s return on investment (ROI). In this article, we will show you the importance of a qualified assistance service for industrial cleaning machines. Our company takes pride in offering our customers specialized technicians who provide on-site assistance with a mobile workshop, repairs in our workshop using original parts.

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Why is Maintenance Crucial?

Maintenance is a key element to ensure that your sweepers and scrubbers operate optimally and have a long lifespan.

Machine Lifespan

One of the most evident reasons why maintenance is fundamental is the lifespan of professional cleaning machines. A well-planned and regular maintenance program can significantly extend the life of your equipment. This not only reduces the need for frequent investments in new machines but also makes the initial investment more profitable.

Operational Efficiency

In addition to prolonging the life of the machines, careful maintenance also ensures that the equipment operates at its maximum efficiency. Well-maintained machines are less prone to unexpected failures, which can interrupt operations and cause costly delays. Moreover, operational efficiency translates into more effective use of resources, such as water and detergents, resulting in economic savings and a lower environmental impact.

With these two aspects in mind, it becomes clear that a well-structured maintenance and assistance program is a smart investment for the cleaning of any company.

Ideal Maintenance Plan

A proper maintenance program is the determining factor for the longevity and efficiency of sweepers and scrubbers.

Frequency of Inspections

A crucial aspect of keeping your industrial cleaning machines in optimal condition is establishing an ideal frequency for inspections. This depends on several factors such as usage intensity, the working environment, and the manufacturer’s specifications. However, a good starting point might be a bimonthly review of consumable parts (brushes, filters, etc.) for intensively used machines and a semi-annual review for those used less frequently.

Elements to Check

During these inspections, there are several elements that should be checked to ensure the proper functioning of the machines. These include, but are not limited to, filters, belts, motors, and electrical components. It is also essential to check fluid levels such as oil and detergent, in addition to reviewing any signs of wear on mechanical components. Mandatory maintenance operations are detailed in the use and maintenance manual provided with the machine by the manufacturer.

A well-structured maintenance plan that takes these factors into account can make the difference between an efficient machine and a machine in suboptimal conditions.

Professional Assistance

An efficient and well-prepared assistance service is essential to ensure the longevity of the machines and minimize any downtime, ensuring that cleaning operations are carried out as scheduled.

Specialized Technicians

One of the keys to ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your industrial cleaning machines is the assistance of specialized and highly trained professionals. Our technicians have the necessary training and experience to identify and solve even complex problems, ensuring that your machines are always in optimal condition.

Original Spare Parts

Using original spare parts is essential to maintain the performance of your machines. Non-original or low-quality spare parts can compromise not only efficiency but also the safety of operations. We exclusively provide original spare parts to guarantee maximum efficiency to our clients’ machines.

On-Site Assistance with Mobile Workshop

To maximize convenience and reduce downtime, we can reach our clients’ facilities with our mobile workshop. This allows our specialized technicians to carry out repairs and maintenance directly on-site, significantly reducing downtime.

Workshop Assistance

In some cases, repairs require specialized equipment that is only available in a workshop. For this reason, our workshop is fully equipped to handle any type of maintenance or repair intervention. With a full range of advanced tools and original spare parts always available, our specialized technicians can perform accurate diagnostics and quick interventions.

A professional assistance service that covers all these aspects is essential to ensure that your industrial cleaning machines are always ready to use and operate at their maximum capacity.

Example of Good Maintenance and Its Advantages

A clear example of the importance of maintenance and professional assistance is one of our clients who operates in the metallurgical sector and has had an industrial sweeper for over 15 years. This machine is used daily for basic cleanings and weekly for deeper cleanings. Thanks to a scheduled maintenance plan and the use of original spare parts, the machine still operates today as if it were new. This has not only extended the lifespan of the sweeper but has also maintained a high level of operational efficiency, reducing long-term costs.

This example clearly demonstrates how an investment in maintenance and professional assistance can have a significant impact on the durability and efficiency of your industrial cleaning machines. 


We have explored several crucial aspects of maintenance and assistance for industrial cleaning machines. From the importance of maintenance for the durability and efficiency of machines to the ideal maintenance plan that includes inspection frequencies and elements to review. We have also discussed the importance of professional assistance, highlighting the relevance of specialized technicians and original spare parts.

The Importance of a Good Maintenance and Assistance Plan

We are committed to ensuring that your industrial cleaning machines always operate at their best. To achieve this goal, we offer comprehensive training for operators and personalized maintenance plans. In addition, our assistance service is always at your disposal, whether with a mobile office on-site or in our specialized office, fully equipped for any type of intervention.

With us, you can be sure that your machines will be efficient and long-lasting. Investing in maintenance and quality assistance service is, therefore, a fundamental step for any company that wishes to keep its operations efficient and competitive in the long term.